Bognet is an “exceptionally bad candidate” Part 2

Scranton, Pa. — New polling finds Republican candidate Jim Bognet is losing ground in the race for Pennsylvania’s Eighth Congressional District, trailing Congressman Cartwright 52% – 44%.

Not only is Jim Bognet trailing, but his favorability ratings in the district have slumped dramatically. Bognet is now underwater by five points, with 37% of PA-08 voters having an unfavorable view of him and only 32% viewing him favorably.

These are bad signs for national Republicans’ “exceptionally bad candidate” and again brings to mind the Congressional Leadership Fund, House Republicans’ top Super PAC, memo calling for a “stronger recruit.” Instead of a “stronger recruit,” they got stuck with Jim Bognet — again.

Guess the concerns raised by GOP strategists about Jim Bognet’s candidacy are being proven right.

Matt Cartwright campaign press secretary, David Early, issued the following statement:

“This new polling reflects in part what we already know: Jim Bognet is a weak candidate and people see right through him. We look forward to beating him in this race and to returning Jim to his cushy DC lobbying firm where he is far more at home.”