Bognet LIES about community member who supports President Trump and Matt Cartwright

Scranton, Pa. — On Thursday’s debate stage, Jim Bognet attacked a member of our community for his own political gain. 

A community member he met at a Republican event this year.

Bognet falsely called John Petrizzo, who starred in the ad “Agree“, a fake Trump supporter.

John Petrizzo is an honest man, a lifelong resident of northeastern Pennsylvania and yes, a supporter of President Trump and Matt Cartwright.

He issued the following statement:

Thursday, Jim Bognet attacked me on live television as a fake supporter of President Trump. I was shocked to hear my name mentioned on a debate stage by a candidate who knew exactly who I was.

I now find it necessary to set the record straight. I am a lifelong resident of northeastern Pennsylvania, the longest-standing business owner on route 209 and yes, a former Democrat, who changed his party in 2020 to Republican, and I am a proud supporter and customer of President Trump, voting for him twice and I will vote for him again when he runs in 2024.

I will also be voting for Doug Mastriano, Dr. Mehmet Oz and Congressman Matt Cartwright.

I will be voting for Matt because of his character. We don’t agree on everything, but he is a good man who fights for his community.

Jim Bognet is just another D.C. swamp creature latching on to President Trump to gain power. He is a fraud and the fact he would attack me on television after meeting me in person, is exactly what I’d expect from a Washington hack.

I encourage everyone who supports the Make America Great Again movement to vote for Matt Cartwright, because he is trustworthy, honest and decent, none of which you can say about his Washington lobbying executive opponent, Jim Bognet.