ICYMI: Congressman Matt Cartwright Announces Reelection Campaign

Scranton, PA – Saturday, Congressman Matt Cartwright announced the launch of his general election campaign for the Pennsylvania 8th District.

Congressman Cartwright spoke to a full room of supporters at the United Food and Commercial Workers Union Hall in Pittston, highlighting his record of fighting for working families and emphasis on finding bipartisan solutions.

Find the Congressman’s remarks and photos from the event below:

Good evening friends and thank you Sue for that kind introduction.

It’s so wonderful to see so many familiar faces here today. 

This isn’t a rally, it’s a family reunion.

While today is such an exciting day. It’s also a hard time for so many across the country and right here at home.

Let’s be honest. Prices are getting out of hand. 

We all feel it.

At the local restaurant.

At the grocery store.

At the gas pump.

Prices are going up and wages just aren’t keeping up.

People are hurting and they are looking to their elected leadership for some answers.

I hear that.

I do.

And first I want to say. More needs to be done, it must be and it can be.

Classic Washington infighting is not a good enough excuse.

We need to put working people first, not the special interests or political parties.

And that’s what I’ve been doing for our community, bringing Democrats and Republicans together to solve problems.

That’s why I’ve introduced more legislation supported by Democrats and Republicans than any Democrat since I’ve been elected to Congress.

I’m working to deliver results and together we’ve had some big victories.

We’ve delivered for our Vets and their families.

We’ve succeeded in bringing back funds to support our brave men and women in law enforcement.

Improved our infrastructure.

Expanded access to healthcare.

Protected our seniors and the benefits they’ve earned.

And we’ve grown our economy.

There’s a lot more to do, a lot more to do, but don’t let anyone tell you we’re not getting things done.

We’ve also taken the fight to the special interests looking to rip off our country.

In Congress, I voted to punish big oil for unfairly hiking up gas prices.

I voted to lower the price of critical, life saving medication. Because drug companies shouldn’t get to take advantage of Americans who need their prescriptions to live.

I helped bring jobs to our community. Jobs that will pay real, family-supporting wages.

There are some, like my opponent, who want to make this election about division, distraction and flat-out lies.

We don’t need another Washington lobbying executive. There are enough of those working for whoever will pay.

No, we need results for our area, and I promise if you send me back to congress that is what I’ll keep delivering.

I am proud to be your Congressman, I am proud to be your fighter and you have my word I’ll never stop.

Thank you!