Matt Cartwright Releases New TV Ad: “Agree”

Scranton, Pa. — Cartwright for Congress began airing a brand new TV ad today, “Agree.”

The new spot highlights Congressman Cartwright’s work to stand up for the people of northeastern Pennsylvania, regardless of who they are or who they vote for.

Cartwright campaign press secretary David Early issued the following statement:

“Matt Cartwright serves the people of our community, regardless of party. Whether it is creating jobs by helping to bring a $6 billion gas plant to Luzerne County, capping drug prices and protecting Social Security for our seniors, or funding local law enforcement – Congressman Cartwright works for all of us. 



I voted for Joe Biden.

And I voted for Donald Trump twice.

Well, we do agree on one guy.

Matt Cartwright!

Matt’s working to bring jobs back from China.

And I like that.

And capped drug prices.

Protecting our Social Security.

He’s for the police and working people.

I couldn’t have said it better!

So we agree on one thing.

One thing.

Matt Cartwright!

I’m Matt Cartwright and I approve this message.