Matt Cartwright Releases New TV Ad: “Kevin’s Story”

Scranton, Pa. — On Tuesday, Cartwright for Congress began airing a brand new TV ad, “Kevin’s Story”. 

The new spot highlights Congressman Cartwright’s pro bono legal services for the families of 9/11 victims and former D.C. lobbying executive Jim Bognet’s firm’s efforts to deny those families their day in court.

Cartwright campaign press secretary David Early issued the following statement:

“Congressman Cartwright proudly provided free legal support to the family members of 9/11 victims. Meanwhile, Jim Bognet’s former D.C. lobbying firm worked on behalf of the Saudi government against those same families. Matt Cartwright has dedicated his life to serving his community — Jim Bognet has dedicated his life to selling us out.”

Kevin’s Story


I’m Matt Cartwright and I approve this message.

Kevin: I cleared the rubble. The smell was so horrible, thousands of dead Americans.

You know who understands this? Matt Cartwright.

He and his wife worked with the victim’s families without pay.

But here’s the thing, this other guy, his lobbying firm helped the Saudis avoid paying those victims’ families.

So never forget. 

I know I won’t.