Matt Cartwright Releases New TV Ad: “My Promise”

The new spot highlights Congressman Cartwright’s efforts to ban corporate stock trading by members of Congress and Jim Bognet’s work on behalf of big corporations as a Washington, D.C. lobbying executive.

Cartwright campaign press secretary David Early issued the following statement:

“While Jim Bognet has served corporate interests like drug companies his entire adult life, Congressman Cartwright has been here — fighting for the people of northeastern Pennsylvania. That’s why he joined a small group of Republicans and Democrats to take on the leadership of both parties and demand an immediate ban on stock trading by members of Congress. Jim Bognet has spent his career working for the highest bidder — Matt Cartwright works for us.”

My Promise


You’re probably sick of all of the nasty T.V. ads. I know I am.

So let me give you the truth.

I’m one of only a few members of Congress who called on both parties to ban corporate stock trading while in office. 

My opponent, he has served corporate interests his entire adult life, like drug companies.

Not me.

I’m Matt Cartwright.

I approve this message and I promise I will always, only, work for you.