Matt Cartwright Stands for Working People

Scranton, Pa. — Shell, the multinational oil and gas company, just announced another quarter of record-high profits. The company joins a growing list of Big Oil corporations to announce sky-rocketing profits while everyday people are still struggling to fill up their tanks.

Congressman Matt Cartwright is hard at work to hold these bad actors accountable. He supported legislation to crack down on big oil companies exploiting Americans by overcharging at the gas pump. He has also helped lead the effort to bring a $6 billion gas plant to northeastern Pennsylvania — which will create thousands of jobs and unleash our region’s domestic energy potential, bringing down fuel costs for working people across the area.

Campaign press secretary David Early issued the following statement:

“Congressman Cartwright has been standing against the same types of greedy corporations that Jim Bognet protected as a corporate lobbying executive. There is no excuse for multinational oil companies to make record-high profits off the backs of working people in northeastern Pennsylvania. Matt Cartwright is working for us, helping to unleash our domestic energy potential while going after price-gougers looking to rip us off.”