Press Release: Matt Cartwright Wins Endorsement of Social Security Works PAC for Record of Fighting To Protect and Strengthen Social Security, Medicare

Scranton, PA – Today, Congressman Matt Cartwright was endorsed by Social Security Works PAC during a Facebook Live event with PAC President Jon “Bowzer” Bauman. Bowzer, also known for his role in the hit TV show Sha Na Na, and Cartwright discussed the Congressman’s support of the Social Security 2100 Act, which would protect the Social Security Trust Fund, provide a benefit boost, and cut taxes for 12 million low- and middle-income seniors. They also touched Cartwright’s work to pass the Lower Drug Costs Now Act in the House of Representatives, which would enable Medicare to negotiate lower prices for more than 100 medications and use the cost savings to expand hearing, vision and dental benefits for Medicare beneficiaries. 

“I’m so grateful for the endorsement of Social Security Works PAC. I have worked hard in Congress to protect earned benefits while supporting legislation that builds upon their ideals, because I know seniors in Northeastern Pennsylvania are counting on me to do so,” Cartwright said. “I want to move us forward by protecting and expanding Social Security Medicare — for the retired school teachers, the factory workers, the nurses and others who have been contributing to them and counting on them to be there so they can enjoy a secure retirement with dignity.”

Through conversation and song, Bowzer outlined Cartwright’s long record of protecting and strengthening earned benefits as he endorsed the Congressman. 

“Social Security and Medicare are the two most successful domestic programs in the entire history of the United States, and we need to keep them that way,” Bowzer said. “I know personally the difference they make in the lives of America’s seniors, and Matt Cartwright has the record in Congress to show he does too. That’s why I’m asking all of you in Northeastern Pennsylvania, please work your hearts out between now and November 3rd and get every vote that you can for Congressman Matt Cartwright!”

Bowzer and Cartwright noted that the Republican challenger in PA-08, Jim Bognet, said the “big enchilada” to cut costs was “entitlement reform,” coded Republican language for cutting hard-earned benefits.

Watch the full video on Facebook HERE.