Matt Cartwright knows that education is the key to a bright future for our children and our economy.

Everyone deserves a fair shot at achieving their dreams, and education is the key. Matt Cartwright believes in stronger federal funding for public schools to pay teachers more and prepare students for twenty-first century jobs. That’s why Matt works every year to bring millions in federal money back to northeastern Pennsylvania for early childhood education programs, including Head Start, which is crucial for children in low-income families. He’s also an advocate for much stronger federal support for grants that help make colleges, universities and trade schools more affordable.

Matt is also pushing to modernize our nation’s school infrastructure, because decades of underinvestment in our K-12 schools has resulted in decaying buildings, some of which still have toxic substances like asbestos and lead. He supports robust federal funding to create high-quality, safe learning environments so that our students have the best chance at success.

Matt also recognizes that children learn in unique ways, and learning isn’t one-size-fits-all. He has introduced legislation to improve educational programs for students with vision or hearing disabilities.

Energy and Environment

Protecting our clean air and water and creating jobs go hand-in-hand. Matt Cartwright believes that we can accomplish both goals by cleaning up northeastern Pennsylvania’s abandoned mine lands and investing in modern, clean energy technologies for a twenty-first century economy.

Northeastern Pennsylvanians take pride in our national and state parks, game lands, and other natural areas. Matt Cartwright is fighting to protect them, along with our clean air and water, so kids and grandkids can enjoy them too.

Matt carries a 96% lifetime voting average with the League of Conservation Voters. He earned this rating because he supports investing in clean energy technologies to combat climate change, finding newer, better uses for older forms of energy production, and making our infrastructure more resilient against intensifying extreme weather events. He’s the leader of bipartisan legislation to clean up toxic acid mine drainage from our rivers and streams.

Matt supports research and development into carbon capture technologies and other ways to remove greenhouse gases from our atmosphere, and he is leading legislation to ensure natural gas is extracted responsibly in a way that does not contaminate families’ drinking water sources with toxic chemicals.

Opioid Crisis

The opioid abuse epidemic has hit northeastern Pennsylvania hard, and Matt Cartwright is fighting to end it.

Too many families have been torn apart by the opioid epidemic. Matt Cartwright knows it’s a nationwide issue that has been made worse by the Coronavirus pandemic and that it needs comprehensive solutions. That’s why he helped enact legislation to expand addiction counseling and resources, and why he fights every year to bring federal funding back for programs like these in northeastern Pennsylvania. Matt is also leading legislation to bring big drug companies, doctors, and federal agencies together around reforms to opioid prescribing practices to limit the volume of addictive painkillers that are on the market

Defense and Veterans

Matt Cartwright works to ensure the United States maintains the strongest armed forces in the world and that our servicemembers get the rewards and benefits they deserve when they come home.

Matt Cartwright believes that we need a strong military and intelligence community to protect our nation from the many complex security challenges we face across the globe. He looks forward to a day when all American forces can come home and will work to ensure that every mission in which our troops are deployed is critical  for the national security of the United States. He supports robust funding so our armed forces have the best equipment to keep us safe, and investment in research and development in cutting edge technologies to keep us ahead of emerging threats. Matt also firmly believes we must stand by our commitments to our allies, including NATO and Israel.

Matt also knows that supporting our servicemembers can’t end once their tours of active duty end. The members of our military served us, and Matt is committed to serving them. Whether it’s housing, health care, or mental health issues, he has them covered. He consistently fights to fund veterans’ programs, increase their benefits, and he has passed legislation that protects veterans from financial scams. In 2018, Matt was named Legislator of the Year by Pennsylvania AMVETS for his advocacy in support of veterans.


From the start of the Coronavirus public health and economic crisis, Matt Cartwright has been focused on two things: helping struggling families, workers, seniors, and small businesses in northeastern Pennsylvania, and bolstering our public health systems.

Matt Cartwright played a pivotal role in passing multiple coronavirus response bills supported by both Democrats and Republicans that provided relief for small businesses and families struggling during this crisis. These bills provided $1,200 relief checks and expanded unemployment benefits, loans and grants to help small businesses stay afloat and keep their employees, bolstered COVID-19 testing, helped with nutrition assistance, and more. He will continue to urge the administration to put these resources to work as quickly and efficiently as possible, while pushing for stronger protections in workplaces and hazard pay for those on the front lines of this crisis.

Matt also recognizes in this global crisis that we can’t be as heavily reliant on China and other countries for things like medication and personal protective equipment (PPE). That’s why he’s working to advance legislation to make affordable drugs and PPE in America.

Going forward, Matt is committed to providing all the resources necessary to continue the fight against the pandemic – for our health care providers and for our families, workers, seniors, and small businesses.

Jobs and the Economy

Matt’s work in Congress has always been about putting the people of northeastern Pennsylvania first — not big corporate interests. That’s because our economy is stronger when working people have the opportunity to thrive.

Matt believes that everyone deserves a chance at a job with quality benefits, and then a secure retirement. But working families are struggling to keep up with the rising costs of health care, education, and child care. They are working too hard for too little. Matt is working to create good-paying jobs by cleaning up and redeveloping northeastern Pennsylvania’s abandoned mine lands, and he’s pushing for major infrastructure investments in improving our highways, schools, and broadband internet.

The engine that drives the economy of northeastern Pennsylvania and the United States is small business. Matt Cartwright has been working to make sure small businesses get the help they need during this pandemic, and he will continue to make sure they have the resources they need to thrive.

When it comes to Social Security, Matt knows that older Pennsylvanians have earned it after a long career. He stands firm in his support for protecting and expanding Social Security.

Matt also supports raising the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour by 2025 and legislation to secure equal pay for equal work for women and people of color.

Health Care

Matt Cartwright is committed to protecting and expanding access to quality, affordable health care for all northeastern Pennsylvanians.

Throughout his time in Congress, Matt has consistently worked to protect and expand Medicare, Medicaid, and protections for people with pre-existing conditions. He’ll also keep fighting to rein in the big drug companies and pass legislation to end their outrageous price-gouging practices, because no one should have to choose between taking their life-saving medications and other expenses.

Health care access has always been essential, but it’s even more so as we fight a global pandemic. While a team of Republican attorneys general and the administration try to strip health coverage from millions of Americans during a global pandemic, Matt Cartwright is working to lower your health care costs and strengthen pre-existing condition protections.