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Matt Cartwright knows that education is the key to a bright future for our children and our economy and that parents should be front and center in regards to their child’s education.

Everyone deserves a fair shot at achieving their dreams, and education is the key. Matt Cartwright believes in stronger federal funding for public schools to pay teachers more and prepare students for twenty-first century jobs. That’s why Matt works every year to bring millions in federal money back to northeastern Pennsylvania for early childhood education programs, including Head Start, which is crucial for children in low-income families. He’s also an advocate for much stronger federal support for grants that help make colleges, universities and trade schools more affordable.

Matt is also pushing to modernize our nation’s school infrastructure, because decades of underinvestment in our K-12 schools has resulted in decaying buildings, some of which still have toxic substances such as asbestos and lead. He supports robust federal funding to create high-quality, safe learning environments and opportunities such as universal pre-K, so that our students have the best chance at success.

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