Health Care

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Matt Cartwright is committed to protecting and expanding access to affordable health care for all northeastern Pennsylvanians.

Throughout his time in Congress, Matt has consistently worked to protect and expand Medicare and Medicaid and lower out of pocket premiums while maintaining protections for people with pre-existing conditions. He’s fought to rein in the big drug companies and pass legislation to take on corporate greed, voting to lower the price of prescription drugs and cap insulin costs, because no one should have to choose between taking their life-saving medications and other expenses. 

He’s also brought back federal resources to rural community hospitals in the form of equipment, supplies, training, recruitment and retention. Matt will always fight to ensure rural communities in northeastern Pennsylvania have access to the quality healthcare they deserve and that no one is left behind because of their zip code.

While Washington special interests and big pharma try to rip off working families in our community, Matt Cartwright is fighting to lower your health care costs and protect your access to quality medical care.

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