Shady Jim Bognet is Ducking Debates

D.C. Lobbying Executive Bognet wants to hide his agenda to gut Social Security & Medicare

Scranton, Pa. — When it comes to debates, former Washington D.C. lobbying executive, Jim Bognet, continues to do one thing and say another.

Bognet is still saying publicly that he wants a debate:

But privately, it looks like this is a fight that Bognet would rather run from. An invitation to join a  debate hosted by WVIA-FM has gone unanswered by the Bognet campaign for months.

It must be easier to dodge invites from moderators than to get onstage and defend his lobbying firm that fought for Big Pharma and slashes to Social Security while the people of his “hometown” got left behind.

Matt Cartwright campaign press secretary, David Early, issued the following statement:

“Jim Bognet is clearly lying to the people of our community by claiming to want a debate, while privately ignoring an offer already on the table. These are classic Washington, D.C. tactics that Jim must have picked up during his time as a lobbying executive collecting checks from big corporations. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, we look forward to beating Jim Bognet in November and sending him back to his cushy D.C. lobbying firm where he is far more at home.”