What To Expect On Election Night

Scranton, Pa. — Since counties will not begin canvassing absentee and mail-in ballots until Election Day, we expect to see initial lopsided results favoring Republican Jim Bognet when results start to be released. As mail-in ballots are processed, we anticipate – as we saw in 2020 – the vote tally to move in favor of Congressman Cartwright over the course of the night.

Considering Jim Bognet’s history of working to overturn free and fair elections, we fully expect Bognet to declare victory on Election Night. Please consider AP guidance on calling when a race has been won, “defined most simply as the moment a trailing candidate no longer has a path to victory…”

Campaign press secretary David Early issues the following statement:

“To this day, Jim Bognet has not conceded his 2020 loss to Congressman Cartwright. He even filed a federal lawsuit to stop the ballots of Pennsylvania voters from being counted. He took his case all the way to the Supreme Court, costing taxpayers $85,497. With Jim Bognet’s history of violating the sanctity of our democracy, we can expect a premature victory speech on Election Night that will not amount to an actual win. We encourage all media outlets to refrain from calling the race until there is no longer a path to victory for one of the candidates.”