You Can’t Trust Jim Bognet

Scranton, Pa. — With 53 days until Election Day, former Washington D.C., lobbying executive, Jim Bognet, continues to say one thing and do another.

Bognet says publicly that he wants to debate.

In private, he refuses to accept an existing offer.

If you went off his TV ads, you would think Bognet wants to protect northeastern Pennsylvanian’s Social Security and Medicare. The truth is he spent years outside Pennsylvania as a political operative, crafting legislation to slash these so called “entitlements.” He even called these programs the “big enchilada” that needed to be cut.

And while Bognet portrays himself as a hometown kid, in actuality he left PA for years to work as a senior executive for a D.C. lobbying firm. He used that position to consistently sell himself out to the highest bidder — as his firm shilled for big corporations and even foreign governments at the expense of working class Americans. 

Campaign press secretary David Early issued the following statement:

“Whether it’s calling for a debate while refusing to accept an invitation already on the table, promising to protect programs he spent his career trying to ax, or claiming to stand for working people while selling out to corporate and foreign interests, Jim Bognet continues to do the opposite of what he says. This all comes back to one simple fact: you can’t trust Jim Bognet.”